Printing Books With Saal Digital

I love printing my photographs out. The front room of my home is covered in them. I also have 4, A1 prints hanging around plus another dozen or so images ready to be framed and hung.

Something I have wanted to do for a while is to be able books of prints so started to investigate different suppliers. For the longest while I used Blurb. They were good however didn’t have many options for different styles of books. Recently I found Saal Digital and manage to get a sample of one of their books.

For the test I used the Saal Digital design software they offer. Usually I would design everything in inDesign and then send it on but as part of the offer I had to use the software. On first glance the software is easy to use and would give most people the options they would need to create a book (or any of the other products they offer).

It took a while to get to grips with their layering system but in the end, for an 8 or so page spread took me a couple of hours to get the book looking how I wanted to.

Delivery was reasonably priced and honestly was delivered quite quickly. Took around 10 days for me to receive it.

Quality wise the book is excellent. It feels a lot more sturdy then other books I have gotten in the past from printers. It would definitely stand up to being used a presentation piece. The pages all lie flat so the test images I put in that spanned both pages look fantastic.

The only issue I found is one image is slightly grainy. One image in the book for this test isn’t a problem but could be one in the future. The image file is one I have used to create 11×14 prints so shouldn’t have been a problem and didn’t really show any issues during the creation phase. This would have been something I picked up during a proof usually and could be just a file corruption issue from my side.

All in all I would use Saal again. There are a couple of projects in the pipeline that I really want to try with them and see what I can do though I will be definitely using the inDesign plugin rather than the software.

Saal can be found here : Link



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