Distinct Perception Photography


A 5 year plan?

One of the questions I found daunting in job interviews was ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?’ I never knew how to answer it, probably down to the fact I never saw myself on that career path for very long.

The first step is to write them down and then keep ticking them off, celebrating each achievement as I have accomplish it. This isn’t a 5 year plan though. This is just what I want to achieve in the next two years.

Video / Film

I need to have done at least a pilot for ‘Court of Crows’. This idea swims in my head constantly and is a huge pull of my creative energy. Songs and scenes flood my imagination from varying different things. There’s clothing, sets, scripts, music and story all vying for my attention. This needs to come out at some point and soon.


I admit. I am extremely vain and I want to see work of mine on a magazine cover. Not in an advert. something that is showcased. I definitely want to do a small exhibition of sorts at some point. I just want to see more of my work printed in spaces lots of people *could* see.

Personal Projects

  • Finish ‘Ladies of Metal’
  • Wrestling Story
  • Angels
  • Modern myths


With the next couple years there is a laundry list of people I want to work with. Some famous, some not. All have a trait in common. They all produce amazing images. Wether that’s photographers or models. Stylists or make up artists. A short, succinct list is:

  • Vivid Vivka
  • Dangrrr Doll
  • Ismini Nekron
  • Viktoria Modesta
  • Mike Mason
  • Various cosplayers like Miss Faye, Twinkle Cosplay, UnderatedCosplay

I want to revisit work with people to. Connor, Raven, Misty, Dan, Tishy.

I’d love to work with, assist, or hell, sit down and chat with people like Ben Von Wong, Lindsay Adler, Charlie Stout.

Physical Prints

I have slowly and surely become an advocate for having physical copies of images; whether that be prints, books, canvasses or any other medium (my personal flavour of the month being acrylic prints). I think nowadays they are something that everyone should have, especially in this digital era where everything is so easily consumed.

I will admit, for as long as I can remember I have always wanted my images as digital files and I was happy to keep them in that way. Easy to share. Easy to view. Great for just picking up a file and seeing how it could be enhanced and changed. Then, a couple years ago I watched a documentary called ‘In no great hurry‘ which changed my outlook on how I wanted to keep my photos. Continue reading “Physical Prints” »